Our companies in the group are SMH Engineering, SMH Apparels, SMH Agro , SMH Global Sourcing & Reliance Electric. But the group also has other investments & sister concers. Below are the major fields of business's we deal with.

Test & Measuring Instrument

Electrical, Electronic, Telecom, Environment etc.

Solar Equipment

Solar Systems,Solar Photo Voltaic Modules, Tubular type Deep Cycle Battery, Solar Voltaic Charge Controller, Floroscent Tube Lamp.

Power Distribution & Transmission Equipment

Generation, Transmission, Distribution and Sub-station Equipment , Guy & Grounding Wire, Cables, Kwh Meter, etc.

Scale & Balances

Electronic, Digital, Mechanical, Industrial.

Educational & Training Equipment

Electrical, Electronic,Telecom., Chemical, Mechanical, Civil, Meteorology, Automotive, Robotic Engineering & Others.

Testing Equipment for Construction Industry

Steel mechanical testing, Flexural and transverse testing machines, Compression testing machines.

Quality Control / Scientific Equipment

Civil Engg. ,Water Analysis, Environment Technology,Pharma electrical,Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Tissue Culture, Atomic Energy and Other Research Labs.

Airport Ground Support Equipment (A G S E)

Aircraft Container,Pallet Loader, Aircraft Belt Loader Aircraft Flash / Lavatory Cart, Aircraft Water Cart.

DC Power Supply

Industrial Battery & Battery Chargers.

Dredging & Reclamation

River Dredging, Site development, Bank Protection.

Ready Made Garments

Sweater, knitwear, cardigan, pullover etc.

Agro Production

Mango cultivation, rubber production.

Joint Venture/Partnership

We are open of joint ventures. If you are interested drop us a line.

Looking to enter the market ?

If you are interested in the Bangladesh market, feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help

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